SEPTEMBER 12 & 13 2020- mark your calendars!



What is this?

The total distance will be just a bit over 1000 miles. $50 for the car and driver gets you a rally decal, T-Shirt and a finisher token(if you finish) $30 for your navigator. You might win a trophy made of trash. You will be provided a detailed GPX file just before leaving from the parking lot in Kalamazoo. All net proceeds will go to the SW MI SPCA. Also- check us out on Instagram @roundheadlamprally1000 

For 2020 The Rally Dates are SEPT 12 & 13

Why Round Headlamps?

If you have a car with round headlamps, it probably means it's old.  We like old cars and we like to see them driven.  We aren't marque snobs, but we are limiting this event to "vintage" cars.   We have used round headlamps as a general qualifier.  Of course, there are exceptions.   Please don't think your headlamps will be the only determining factor for qualification.   If it's old and you are it's primary mechanic, you're in.  You need to be able to fix it if it breaks, or you could have one hell of a tow truck bill.

Things to Consider

A big part of the fun of having an old car is working on it yourself.  At least, among the people we prefer to  hang out with. We throw our own wrenches, get help from our friends and we know our cars well.- Well enough to have a very good shot at fixing an on road failure.   Are you?  That is the sort of person we are looking for.  A "checkbook mechanic" might be useless if  along the way if things go sideways. If you have more car wax than tools,this is probably not a good event for you. 


Kalamazoo MI Harbor Freight Parking Lot.   Why?  Last chance for tools you forgot.  Or shitty zip ties. The finest assortment  of Pittsburg hand tools in the land.

The Route

It will be Michigan-centric and at least 1000 miles. Mostly secondary roads and lots of opportunities to visit interesting locations.  In fact, the more you explore, the more points you can earn.    The route will vary each year but some of the cooler spots may always be included.  You won't know for sure until the morning for each day's route.



1. Not a lot of rally opportunities in the area.  (Michigan)  

2. Wanted to put together an affordable challenging experience with like minded people.   This will be a test of your machine and your crew.  This isn't a cruise- when you finish you should be proud of your efforts.

Are Motorcycles welcome?


Is this a race?

No.   The route we are planning should be achievable within the two day time frame at legal speeds and adequate rest.   There will be some sort of lame home built trophy for certain categories or achievements but not for finishing faster than anyone else. You will have the opportunity to compete for points by visiting mandatory and bonus stops along the way.  The locations will be interesting, trust us. The big prize will be a finisher medallion- You got you and your machine from start to finish. No finish-No medallion.

Is this event supported?

No.  It's up to you and your team to drive the proposed route and ensure your machine makes it. This is not to say there won't be people willing to help.  Just make sure you have adequate tools and spares to make the trip.  Sometimes its fun to make roadside repairs but a lot of time it's not.  Take the time to get your rig straight now.  That reminds me....

Is a navigator required?

Yes.   For sanity and safety's sake, yes.  Bring as many people as you like (that can fit in your ride of choice) but a minimum of two is required. It will very difficult to plot and navigate your through without help.  You have at least one friend, right? 

You will also need some sort of GPX  app such as GPX Viewer to open the files that will be emailed to you each morning.  Instruction sheets will also be provided.  

$50 for Vehicle and Driver+ $30 For navigator

This includes T shirt- Map- Decal and Finishing Medallion.  All net proceeds will be donated to SW MI SPCA

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